It was march 14, the day I finished the painting, a one-year task, a Californian friend stepped into my house, let’s check on your bees he said. That Cristobal is amazing… we went but in the way a kind of black bumblebee horde attacked us, so we escaped to the house. I’ll show you my painting I said, this is the waowe… after telling him about the mysteries I said to him “I’ll go to the house of conservation of art cultural heritage in Paris, cos this should be preserved for future generations.”

You are going to France, he said ambiguously, so I said well I don’t have visa or money, but in one month I have to be there, for it is world art day on April 15th, and it cannot be at any another date. Well, he said, I have a thousand dollars for you! What? I was dazzled. What do you mean. I have to send a sculpture to France, he said, instead of paying DHL, you’ll take the sculpture. Oh great!

I tell you, this is the day I finished the painting. Is it really just a coincidence?


Paris avril 15 2022
World Art Day


Un patrimonie de l’humanit’é



Delivered to the Director’s Secretary



I went to the house of a friend with my spouse and son. As talking about my project, I said that I wanted to meet the French ambassador for it takes too long to get a visa to visit France. Then this friend of mine says to me that I don’t need a Visa because I’m Peruvian.

My whole life I have had the possibility to have Peruvian nationality yet I never did the procedure. Also, you’ll see I’m not a fan of nations. Curiously, last year I did it because I wanted my son to have the possibility to migrate to Peru as Bolivia was going through rough times.

So, I was relief from the visa issue, yet now I needed a passport. I went to the consulate and they said it takes four to five weeks for this the procedure. The passport came from Peru just five days before world art day.

Immediately I called Philippe for the first time. Philippe is the French man who bought the sculpture made by the maestro Juan Bustillos. As he was traveling through Bolivia he met my friend Cristobal and commended him to send the sculpture to France.

When I called him, he said that he’ll send the money, but I said it will be easier if he just paid the ticket online and I’ll pay him back the difference. So, we connected online and I gave him a link to an offer with scale in Santo Domingo, a 42 hours trip but cheap. He said he’ll find something better, and he bought a ticket with scale in New York. But it happens that USA asked visa for transit and in Bolivia it takes months to get a visa. Phillipe told me to postpone the trip yet I explained the urgency of the Earth message. So, he bought me another ticket, this time through Colombia.

I thought he had changed the ticket, but he sends me a message and said I should change the date of the ticket to NY and go with my work of art. I was astonished, I’ll find the way to pay you back for all of this I said.


Real Angels

I had the ticket on April 9th, the plane left the night of April 12ve. Scale in Bogota Colombia. I made two friends in the airport. I arrived to Frankfurt, then took the connection to Paris with no issues. Just my luggage was ripped by the bronze sculpture edges, and lost some wheels. I went to the train station, the lady in the counter heard Val d’Europe, when i had said Val d’Or. So, I was going anywhere but my destination.

Thankyou life for David and Isabel. I heard this young people speaking Spanish so I asked kindly, where was my train line entry.

David, a French man in his twenties, explained me all the train system in a few minutes, I showed them the waowe of course, but my mobile was about to shut. They are deeply religious yet they understood the nobility of the waowe, and appreciated the holy nature my journey. Isabel gave me her portable battery as a gift, real angels I said, I gave them an organic cacao bar that I brought for, apparently them, and went on with their blessings.


paris, waowe, angels, opera


Even though David had explained me the train thing, I took a little detour on a train. So, I went down on another station and took the same train in the opposite direction.

I arrived to La Defense Grand Arch station, it was late at night, I was a little tired, pulling the heavy bag with no wheels and the treasured sculpture. As searching for the L train line, I met with an African warlord kind ‘a guy, a little drunk, big and strong, and we exchanged some dark vibes. He spoke in a language that was probably just French with the slang of his neighborhood and the accent of his motherland. So, I looked deep into his eyes with the intensity that ayahuasca spirit has taught me, and also shared a little *camba slang. He felted I know, as I felt him.

It took a while till I found the way to pay the ticket, the personnel don’t work at that hour and the machines didn’t accepted my card, good luck that I had the spare from the first ticket I bought.

Finally, I got to the train rails and another African man kindly approached to me and showed me the line I should take.


*Camba: Is the people of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.



Like Home

Minutes after, I arrived to Le Val d’Or where my friend Manu lives. What a place, peaceful, full of trees, clean streets, and lucky me a wonderful weather under the full moon. I walked from the station a little and I sat in a corner wondering where should I find “Parc des Bérengéres”, when I heard a voice calling me.

Oh yes, I was at home. Oh my, the cheese, the wine, the bread and the escargots. Manu received me like a king, I was so glad to see him, he invited me the best cheese I ever tasted, we talked a lot, it was nine years since I saw him for the last time. His apartment is so nice, and he looks better than ever. He has two kids now, lives near the school and there is a wonderful park that used to be property of the Rockefellers just around the corner.

We went to a little coffee shop nearby and met with a brasileiro man that spoke perfect spanish, he works in mining. The bartender, also a friend of Manu, invited us a wine from Argelia with a really peculiar flavor.



Mission Imposible

Next day early morning, my cousin Lorena, that I never met in person, let me the keys to her apartment located one block from Eiffel Tower. I took out my shoes, put some mud over my whole head, took the copy of the Waowe that she printed for me, my ayoreode indigenous bag, some gifts for the kind souls, and headed to la Maison de l’UNESCO. I walked barefoot through Eiffel tower, then across Champ the Mars, and around L’Ecole Militaire. My friend Manu accompanied me to the entry of la Maison de l’UNESCO.

The guard let me in and announced my arrival. The receptionist saw with interest the WAOWE, she saw the face of Earth, and understood its importance. She called Audrey Azouley’s secretary, told her that i had delivered a letter the seventh of April, announcing the coming of Earthman with the most important and urgent message for humanity. This letter was delivered by a young art historian, Irene, daughter of a great Bolivian artist Carolina Sanjinés, a dear friend of mine.

As I already expected, the letter was there but not read. So, I insisted that this day was World Art Day, and that the most important work of art for humanity today had come to its house to be preserved. I said I really needed to talk with someone from art, or culture, department. That is how i got to Ahmed, he also so it at first sight, the face of the Colossus of the Atlantic. Now he is trying to make it get to the heads of his department. I’m sure he will make it.

So, i left the copy for miss Azouley with Sidy, a tall security guard that also was amazed with the WAOWE painting. I am glad that he is the messenger. Ahmed also made a call so they would let me take photos inside with the painting, soon I’ll release a video. 






As I went out of UNESCOS building, decided to take one more video, when a car coming out of UNESCO’s parking stops and the lady says something to me. I said “Je ne parle pa francese, do you speak english o español?”  She said, “hablo español querido” I speak spanish, I am from Bolivia! I said, me too! From Santa Cruz! Me too! She stand down and we took some pictures together, then she gave me a lift, we talked about her blog and I told her about my artwork and what I was doing in UNESCO, she told me the secretary is her friend and that she can tell her about me.




Earthman in Paris

I got to Lorena’s apartment and there she was with Luca, her son. Luca is a storm, how a kid should be, three years old, funny and cheerful. We went out after I changed his dipper. We walked to the arch of Triumph, Champs Elysees, as I observed all the reactions of all people to my head covered in mud. Some smile, some gaze, some show the bright love they possess. Amazing experience for me. I saw many beautiful people with nice clothes but no spark at all, I saw young diverted and tourists, I saw skaters and connected with some, I felt the haters and the laughs to remember what I am also, how our social environment turn us against our soul. The vain and the wise are the same coin, just flip it, comprehend and get alone. I am all of you.





I made what id intended, the WAOWE arrived in time for world art day to the house of conservation of humanity´s culture and art, april 15th 20222.

The message of Earth is getting to the world slowly, I met amazing people on the way. Irene is a little treasure of Earth, I foresee she’ll be an amazing exploration of life. Lorena is an artist, scratching the surface of an unimagined world, about to fall in the abyss, in middle of a crisis that is just a catalyst for her wild soul to be released. Manu is a 4, a stable, certain, home. Philippe is in the way to fulfill a dream of its own. The streets of Paris are full of the world. I landed over as Earthman, and I feel just like home.  There is a lot to do, places to go, the charriot is moving and im not alone.

Greetings to you all, earthpeople,
We are one.



Avril 19th, 2022



8 thoughts on “WAOWE chronicles 1

  1. Eliana Sosa says:

    I read you and my skin crawls, I don’t believe in coincidences for me all these are God-incidences because this had to happen at the right time and at the right date….. well, not a leaf moves without the will of the Lord ☝🏼 and you know it! Martin you are genial, your discovery is genial and like all genius will reach the peak the world and of your dreams and become the most beautiful reality that you want Martin! God bless you and continue accompanying you throughout this fascinating adventure. While you enjoy and continue to delight us with the story of your exploits day after day! from heart to heart thanks for sharing dear Cuñis!!! ☺️

  2. It was a great pleasure to receive you here in Holland Martin. 🌎 I wish you all the best and success with this incredibly important project🌎. I am proud of you 😘
    un abrazo Hans

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