The most important finding of this millennium, made art.

WAOWE unique painting nft
Fragment of WAOWE painting by Earthman 197.4 x122cm (77.7 x 48 in.)



Priceless and powerful

Rarely does a work of art, a painting, possess such mysticism and at the same time such realism, that being the raw representation of a real object, perhaps a little insipid at first sight, embodies the greatest mystery of its time…

A unique NFT containing:

+ Original painting 197.4cm x 122cm.
+ HQ
Digital version.  

+ Benefits:

  • Shares of the 7 WAOWE NFTMysteries.
  • Know the 7, life-changing, powerful secrets.
  •  GEA’s “WAOWE GO” artworks shareholder.
  • Honorary member of “VTP eco-creative project” 
  • Release the NFTHints so the game begins.





About NFTproject


waowe initial nft hint
Waowe pixelation, first NFTH.


the painting

Meticulously crafted for a whole year, the central motif, the WAOEWE icon, mystical symbol and real massif object, was painted with the smallest brush in 9584 frames

An object that only the most advanced technology can observe, transformed into Art.

The WAOWE, in golden ratio respect to the canvas size, has been circled 7 times to finally reach its final density on the canvas. 
7 ephemeral artworks, one over the other, hide the secrets of the WAOWE, they are it’s Mysteries.

Right after the lights are gone you’ll spot on the canvas what the mind refuses to see. With dark light, you’ll get the cosmic sense of the artwork.

Nft art project painting detail
WAOWE in process, fragment.

ITS concept

philosophy, mysticism, science

It’s accurate theme delves into the heart and mind of the common of each and every human being on this planet, the fundamental philosophical questions.  Are we alone?  What is the meaning of life?…

Its implications in all spheres of human knowledge, sciences, knowledge and beliefs, are an unexpected “game-changer”.
Extremely controversial to all sciences and beliefs, yet binding them. For sure it will be attacked from all conservative sides.

Totally attuned to the spirit of its time, scientific and technological, yet the faithful portrait of the most inspiring concept that humans have come up with.  A connection to something higher and sublime. But at the same time grounded on scientific facts.


waowenft art project detail
Fragment of one of the 7 hidden layers.


WAOWE Nft art project cornerstone painting
WAOWE by Earthman, 2022, entire canvas.

A Robin Hood kind of deed

It is said that great works have some plagiarism and this work confirms it, subtly and powerfully, like the stealthy theft of a masterpiece made long ago by a brilliant mind, with the sole purpose of putting it before the world to provoke its astonishment and deep reflection.

This image has been “appropriated” by the skillful artist from two of the most important organizations today.  That! is truly something.



a 65 million year symbol

Just like a well-formed theory, which due to its simplicity and aesthetics feels like a law, the artwork presents an ordinary object without altering it, it simply shows it, but in its unique perspective it reveals an extraordinary symbol.

A universal icon of an amazing concept that It urgently needs to be rediscovered today. The Human role in Earth’s homeostasis.

The author, Earthman, a proffessional graphic designer that would not work for publicity and marketing, never expected his profession to come around and kick him in the back, so that his greatest achieve will be a logo. A powerful symbol from the cosmos to humanity, nothing less.

This artwork surpasses its author. It integrates him like a tiny grain of fine sand in its grandiose mixture of millions of years, solid and concrete, a colossal effigy of the beginning of a new era of life on the planet.

Standing in this sculptural work, a fundamental stone carved by the erosion of time, and now by paint, the artist sketches a reconciling bridge between spirituality and science.  He proposes a deep philosophical change, and envisions a wonderful awakening, a new Renaissance, in this awakening millennium.


logo waowenft

waowe nft art project

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