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“This is magic we are making, join in, WAO WE!… I rejoice when someone sees the WAOWE, truly sees it by what it is. They get stunt, it does not happens every time of course, only when they allow themselves to be in the present, to play the game fearlessly, this game that we call life… As painting and creating this WAOWE adventure, i have grown a lot, and it fills me with hope, that every time that i take a step, the universe responds, whenever i am stressed the message knocks the door. Its an amazing energy that pushes me forward, opens up the doors. You’ll be delighted when i tell you all about. Life is magic I said, not trickery.”


waowe nft art project art curator marita schneider

“WAOWE invites us to contemplate and contemplate ourselves, to wake up from the self-absorption of everyday life and reconnect with the essential, to return to the roots of the earth and life itself, to wake up to the obvious, everything that at some point was one and that nowadays we do not know.
Today, in the face of the undeniable environmental crisis, WAOWE is a call to action through art and various disciplines that seeks dialogue and aims to open our minds to the urgency of conceiving the planet as a living being, a fundamental concept for our existence and posterity.


waowe art project counsiler

“Martin is crazy, not in the bad way of course. He seems to see things further, with child eyes maybe. He allows himself to envision things that are perhaps unknown, new or not yet explored. In deed he is a smart well intended person. The interesting thing about his artwork is that he brings it down to science… I’ve been observing his process with this artwork, from conceptualization to execution. I wonder if this thing of “ephemeral paintings” isn’t just wasting of art.”


enrique roda graphic designer waowe nft project

“We have been working in this project, that has a wide range of tasks, for a long time. Yet, when you have such a strong vision, and the necessity of its objectives is real in society and environment, there is no way to get lost. Hard years have passed, but harder years are in front as political and economical schemes pose no rest for nature. Art is the best way, creativity and compromise with the social and environmental challenges.”

Enrique Roda, GEA CREATIVE

“I have taken pictures of the Waowe, its impressive how many details are there in each of its layers, and so many strokes in the main subject of the painting… The time required for doing that kind of art. I’m a photographer, and the Earth in the canvas looks just like a photo, i can’t even imagine how he achieved so. How did he focused on this perspective, if anyone looks an Earth globe they’ll see the continents, the countrys, but the shape of an ocean. I know him from childhood, he is for sure not alike the rest. Its a pleasure to be part of this work of art. To feel that i’m also part of Earth’s active evolution.”

Rodrigo URzagasti, WAOWE Photographer

“We are now working with the young and the children to bring this message of hope that the Waowe represents. Its in the streets where its needed the most. I am from Santa Cruz, a growing city with lots of problems. If we dont address this matter today, the precious talented kids may fall into the disseases of todays society, origined from a lack of connection to the spirit of nature and belonging to the cosmos. As a tattooer and graffiti artist i’m well aware of this. But there is hope, i have hope in you, in us. You know how it goes, wao we! wao you!”


“Dormido estaba, encapullado en su grandeza, cómo un bebé placido en fértil placenta, escondido a la vista de todos. De repente y sin aviso, como cuando la vida se hace presente, nace una visión en la cabeza de un genio artista. El cual con mucha dedicación se pone manos a la obra en la delicada misión de retratar y dar vida a un sin fin de momentos y metamorfosis por las cuales ha pasado nuestra hermosa y paciente madre, que ha vivido junto a nosotros y antes de…Read more

Gonzalo Cisneros, WAOWE Photographer

sound engineer waowe staff francisco villegas

“I am, naturally, an observer… i stand still in quietness as the life of Earth manifest, while collecting it´s landscapes made of sound. The WAOWE for me is totally natural, nothing new under the sun… is logical that Earth is alive, as Earthman says, a self regulatory system that in some point will regulate the function of its “organ that evolved language”, through language… symbolic language in this case. I totally get this, yet for experiencing the connection to nature we have never needed any language.” 

Francisco Villegas, Photographer
waowe nft art project

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