Greatest mystery
of this era


“A sublime work of art”


A gem for humanity’s ark of wisdom.
A piece of art that holds the key for
our civilization to thrive.
The first evidence of another kind of intelligence. 

A hint to access Earth’s limitless energy.



the waowe
Acquire the unique  WAOWE NFT and kick-off this transcendental art project.

It will impact and propel all spheres of human knowledge.

Dare to be the one to enhance the evolution of this civilization.

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NFT Project

A game to reveal the most valuable secrets for mankind.

Who will unleash the WAOWE NFT?
2. Collect the NFTHints to free each NFTMystery.
– Riddle and prize, for each hint set.
3. Collect the Mysteries
4. GEA project begins.

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WAOWE Nft art project GEA


GEA project

WAOWE is  the cornerstone of the most ambitious project ever devised in the history of art. The GEA. 

“The Greatest of Earth’s Artworks” Artists from around the world, scientists from all fields, gurus, indigenous leaders, researchers, and more in a unprecedented event.

30% of  NFT profits is destined to GEA.

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With great wisdom comes great responsibility.

30% of NFT profits is destined to Creative development of “sustainable habitat culture” in South America’s risked ecosystems.

Volunteering program and cooperation with institutions, universities  and companies around the globe.

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waowe Painting

Nft art project painting

ONE canvas


Hyper-realistic painting, mixed technique on canvas 197.4 cm. x 122cm. (77.7 x 48 in.)
Multifaceted design, hidden layers of 7 ephemeral paintings covered up.
+ Under different lights it reveals other peculiarities.
+ Augmented reality.
+ Digital version, photo, video, gif, footage, time-lapse and brochure.

friends and waowe nft art project



April 3, 2012 WAOWE symbol is discovered, 8 years later some of its mysteries deciphered. From April 21, 2021, to March 14, 2022, WAOWE symbol was painted as found in nature. Around it, for 7 days, 7 well planed ephemeral paintings were painted one over the other, as shown on the time-lapse. Few people got to see them in real life before they disappeared.

“Tough, a life changing process, to see one’s work disappear in such a short time, having to let go beauty, dedication, effort, things that become cherished…”



A quest to reveal the 7 secrets, real knowledge of Earth, hidden in the canvas of the WAOWE transcendental painting.

You can win prices on each of its 7 stages.
Each stage has NFTHints that release a NFTMystery when the copies are sold out.
Once the unique NFTMystery is sold, next stage Hints are released.

For each Hint a riddle, guess and win the base value of a Hint. First one wins.

There is a prize for Unique NFT MYSTERIES collector also.
+ Artistic productions and surprises in the process.

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Nft art project nfthint example



Kick-off: UNLEASH THE WAOWE  One earthling is about to change the world.
Stg.1  AIR NFTM  + 3 NFTHints, 10 copies each.
Stg.2  WATER NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 20c. 
Stg.3  METAL NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 30c. 
Stg.4  BOLT NFTM    + 3 NFTHs/ 40c. 
Stg.5  LIGHT NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 50c.
Stg.6  LIFE NFTM      + 3 NFTHs/ 60c. 
Stg.7  COSMOS NFTM + 3 NFTHs. /70c.
Stg.8 GEA begins.

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waowe nft art project painting

NFT Mysteries

Meet the staff

We are working to make a worldwide integral art project come to life.
A deep reflection over “The human role in Earth’s homeostasis”.

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waowe nft art project art curator marita schneider


Author & ceo
earthman waowe author, nft art project ceo

Enrique RODA

G. Designer
enrique roda graphic designer waowe nft project

waowe nft art project

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