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IT WORKS Like This

First of all, someone is going to unleash the WAOWE. This means that the unique WAOWE NFT (that includes the real painting, digital HQ image + benefits) is going to be acquired.

Now the game beggins for all!

Stage1 hints (NFTHs) are released. They come with extra content: a riddle that has a prize for the first who solves it. 

When NFTHs of Stage1 are sold out, the NFTM of the stage is released. And the prices of that stage too.

Once the unique NFTM is sold, the next stage hints are released.

waoweNft art project hint example


Kick-off: UNLEASH THE WAOWE  An earthling about to change the world.
Stg.1  AIR NFTM  + 3 NFTHints, 10 copies each.
Stg.2  WATER NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 20c. 
Stg.3  METAL NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 30c. 
Stg.4  BOLT NFTM    + 3 NFTHs/ 40c. 
Stg.5  LIGHT NFTM  + 3 NFTHs/ 50c.
Stg.6  LIFE NFTM      + 3 NFTHs/ 60c. 
Stg.7  COSMOS NFTM + 3 NFTHs. /70c.
Stg.8 GEA begins.

Nft art project nfthint example



This is a real life art project. With real impact in the world. 40% of the income of the NFT project is destined to fulfill this objective: Artist of all around the world working together for a higher cause. The Greatest of Earth’s Artworks, GEA.  Another 40% is destined to the ECOxPERIENCE.  

The WAOWE is not only a painting or a symbol. It is for real. Its mysteries are true jewels of an unknown origin.

Perhaps you wont believe or understand it yet. But it is one of the most important moments in the history of mankind.

The one who’ll unleashes this…  

pottery earthman waowe nft art project



waowe nft art project

Seven ephemeral works of art were painted on the WAOWE canvas.

They keep the knowledge of ten years of study of this mystical symbol.

These unique paintings, no longer in sight, were photographed and turned into NFTs.
Therefore they are truly original NFTMs.

And they will be revealed little by little.
Along the way some clues will help us understand the secrets that they keep in visual metaphors. Those clues are NFTHs.

Riddle’s & Prices
  • 1 riddle per NFTH pack.
    + 3 Prices per Stage.
  • Prize = NFTH base value -fees
  • First to solve are the winners.
  •  Prices are released when NFTH packs are sold out. 
  • Winners are noticed in this website & Social Media.



For each stage a set of Hints will be released, we call each unity a NFTH.
For each type of NFTH of the stage, usually three, there is a contest. Each type of NFTH has a number of copies that conform the series.
Each NFTH acquired has additional content for the owner: a code for participating in the contest. The owner of the NFTH has only one attempt to guess the riddle of that type of NFTH. The first one to solve the riddle wins. The participation is via Social media. Once the whole series of that NFTH is sold, the prize will be released. The prize is paid in the token it was bought, for the amount equal to the value of the NFTH minus all transactional fees. 

 The code that comes with the additional content for that NFTH is only good for one attempt. If the NFTH is sold again, the new owner may access the contest only if the code has not been used by the former owner.

waowe nft art project

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